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Ep 1:  Meet Joe

Calgary woman credits plant-based diet for reversing chronic lung disease, restoring sight

Anthony Yen story:

Dr. Joseph Crowe

Evelyn Oswick

Rip Esselstyn & Engine 2

Jack Smith-Schick

Jim Conway, MD

In this 3 minute video, Dr. Conway discusses reversing his heart disease after attending Dr. Esselstyn’s seminar. Now he teaches this information to his own patients.

Peter Lewis

Watch a 6-minute excerpt from a presentation in which Prof. Peter Lewis talks about how he reversed his heart disease using Dr. Esselstyn’s program.

Samuel Jackson

Actor Samuel L. Jackson has lost 40 pounds and credits Dr. Esselstyn’s diet with recovering his health. Read more

Bill Clinton

President Clinton discusses how Dr. Esselstyn’s program was the key to overcoming his heart disease, with Wolf Blitzer on CNN (9 minutes)

Michelle Pfeiffer

Actress Michelle Pfeiffer Pfeiffer talks about adopting Dr. Esselstyn’s diet after watching Bill Clinton in “The Last Heart Attack” on CNN.

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