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Calgary woman credits plant-based diet for reversing chronic lung disease, restoring sight

Trailer for new film – Plant Pure Nation

Dr. Esselstyn Profiled in CNN Documentary (42 minutes long)

Dr. Esselstyn describes how he made his study work (3 mins):

Dr. Esselstyn Speaks at TedX – 15-minute

Dr. Esselstyn Program — 20 Times Better than Conventional Cardiology

Dr. Esselstyn talks with Sanjay Gupta MD of CNN (2 mins):

Former President Bill Clinton is a fan of Dr. Esselstyn (3 mins.):

Watch a recent 2 hour presentation from Dr. Esselstyn speaking at a presentation for the City of Medina, Ohio :

Dr. Esselstyn Describes The Benefit of Plant-Based Diets (1 min):

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