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Please note: If your question is about finding a doctor in your area who supports a plant-based diet, please see this link : How to Find a Plant-Based Doctor

How is your approach to treating heart disease unique?

What would you say to someone considering a stent or other surgical procedure or drug therapy, to treat their heart disease?

How do you encourage your patients to stay on the diet?

Why does the diet eliminate oil entirely?

Can you actually enjoy food on the program?

Why should I change? My health is excellent.

More Commonly Asked Questions

Protein – Where do I get my protein / What protein drink is best?

Calcium – Where do I get calcium?

Vitamins – What Vitamins should I take?

Fish Oil – Should I take fish oil?

Flax Seed Oil/ Flax Seed Meal/ Chia Seeds – What about flax seed oil?

Olive oil, canola oil, coconut oil, Sunflower oil, soybean oil, peanut oil, any oil – Which oil is best?

Lotions with oil – Is it all right to use lotions with oil on my skin?

Omega 3 – How do I get my Omega 3’s?

Family history – I have a bad family history? Does it matter?

Nuts – What about nuts? I hear so many different opinions?

Seeds (sunflower, pumpkin, sesame, etc.) Are seeds ok to eat?

Coconut water – Is it all right to drink coconut water?

Prostate cancer– Does plant based eating help prostate cancer?

Egg whites, fat free milk, yogurt – So What is wrong with egg whites, fat free yogurt, skim milk?

Cholesterol Number fluctuation – Why do my cholesterol numbers fluctuate?

Losing weight – What can I do to stop losing too much weight?

Tired, no energy – Why am I tired and have no energy since eating plant-based?

Triglycerides– Why did my triglycerides go up?

HDL– My doctor is so concerned because my HDL has gone down?

LDL – Where should my LDL be?

Statins – Should I take statins or not?

Coumadin – Can I eat leafy greens when I am on Coumadin?

Juicing– Is it all right to juice?

Fruit juice – What about fruit juice?

Smoothies – How about smoothies? I love them!

A Fib– Will plant nutrition work for A Fib?

Calcium score– Is a calcium score helpful?

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