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Dr. Esselstyn discusses a recent study on olive oil and nuts

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  A Clarification A Clarification

Just recently a story has resurfaced on the internet that one of my original patients died because he was not offered nuts in my nutrition program.  Dr. Furhman was the first to incorrectly make this assumption several years ago which he presented at a meeting without full knowledge of the facts.  I immediately called him when I learned of this, to correct his misrepresentation.  I am unaware that he has publicly retracted his mistaken belief.

Here are the facts. When I was accepting patients for my original study, I received a call from a cardiologist who was eager for me to accept one of his patients. The patient was a 67 year old male pediatrician who had recently sustained a massive heart attack during an angioplasty for diffuse coronary artery disease.

He had lost so much heart muscle he was in congestive heart failure, his left ventricular ejection fraction was less than 20% and his life expectancy was less than 6 - 12 months.

I momentarily hesitated. I was reluctant to accept anyone with such an extremely poor prognosis into what I hoped would be a long term study of coronary disease patents. As he could be offered nothing else, I gladly accepted him. He turned out to be a wonderful man and a magnificent patient.

He did not die at 6 or 12 months. He far outlived his original prognosis and after 5 years on our program had a repeat angiogram which confirmed disease reversal. Nevertheless, 6 months following his follow up angiogram he succumbed to a cardiac arrhythmia which had been predicted as his ultimate fate at the time he joined the program. At his autopsy there was no evidence of a new heart attack.

My memory of this special man is one of his hope, support, loyalty and belief in our program which extended his life more than 5 years beyond what the experts had predicted.

A lack of nuts was not a part of this story.

Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr., M.D



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